On the first and third Wednesday of each month (except for May 2nd)  we have a school tour, beginning at 9:00 am. Prospective parents and anyone else who wants know about our school are cordially invited. No need to make an appointment. Just show up!

    Key NYCMCS documents.

    These documents should answer most questions about our school’s history, its procedures and policies, as well as our plans and activities for the year:

    1. In English: FAMILY MANUAL 2018-2019 FINAL
    2. En Español: FAMILY MANUAL SPANISH 2018-2019 FINAL

    School Calendar 

    Download Here: 2018-19_NYCMCS_Calendar

    Key NYC Discipline Policy

    The school-wide code of conduct upholds the Montessori values of grace, courtesy, respect, and responsibility and is based on the following rights and responsibilities of the student.

    All members of the school community—students, staff, and parents—must know and understand the standards of behavior that all students are expected to live up to and the consequences if these standards are not met.

    The NYCMCS Standards of Intervention and Discipline Measures (the Discipline Code) provides a description of conduct that does not meet the standards of behavior expected of students in the New York City public schools. It includes a range of guidance interventions and a range of permissible disciplinary and intervention measures that schools may use to address misbehavior. The Discipline Code applies to all students.

    Download the full policy here: Discipline policy.17-18

    Commitments for Excellence

    The NYCMCS considers education to be a joint venture where the school and the family work together as a team. To do this, we have drawn up a series of expectations necessary to achieve an excellent education, some referring to the school and its staff and others to our parents.  Parents are given a copy of the school’s commitments at the beginning of the school year and are expected to sign their own commitments.  Use the following links to read what the school and parents commit to.







    Our volunteer Family Association is made up of dedicated parents who have been a part of our school community for many years.  On September 19th, we held the first meeting of the Association this school year. Since the children of last year’s officers graduated from 5th grade in June, there are several vacant positions on the Executive Board of the Association. In the meeting, those present were invited to propose themselves or other people for the vacant positions and received a description of the duties related to each one. Here are the minutes of the meeting:          FA meeting minutes 9-19-17

    Elections were held in the November meeting of the Family Association and new Board members elected. They are:

    President:   Tiffany Stokes-Dinkins

    Vice-President Randy Mendoza

    Secretary:  Melissa Velazquez

    Treasurer:  Sabrina Bryant


    Current or prospective parents can reach the Family Association via email at families@nycmcs, or contact the Family Association via their Facebook page:


    Please feel free to get in touch with our Director of Outreach, Robin Urquhart, at 646 660 3968 or urquhart@nycmcs.org, should you need anything or have any questions or suggestions for our school.