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    We are the first and only Montessori public school in New York City and our goal is to bring the best Montessori education to our incredible children in the South Bronx.  Our goals are ambitious as well as expensive compared to the inadequate and inequitable funding for public Charter schools. To give the individual attention and support our children need we rely on and encourage believers to donate to help pave the way for our student’s success by making a generous gift today. We welcome any size donation.

    Your gift will support every aspect of our school community including the following:
    ▪ A set of classroom library books
    ▪ Take-home books for every child
    ▪ Field trips outside of the South Bronx
    ▪ Music and art materials for our integrated curriculum
    ▪ Technology in the classroom
    ▪ Outside support to help struggling students to bridge learning gaps

    Thank you for your support!

    To pay by mail:
    Please make your tax-deductible gift now by sending a check to:
    NYC Montessori Charter School
    423 East 138th St
    Bronx, NY 10454

    Or to donate online via Paypal: